Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blogging hues

Wow! It’s been such an eventful week!
I can’t remember what happened mostly
and my camera was out of battery
so photos are few....
On Monday, I told my Mom I wanted to bring home one of my stray cats...
my cute emerald-eyed Blackie...
it makes my heart ache when see her caught in a downpour, running away from naughty (read 'monstrous') children who chase her, scooting away from cars that drive over the spot. She is attuned to worrisome maneouvres. She just meows, as she knows that she is well-loved and taken care of by a lot of cat feeders who want to adopt her.
Well, my mom took my dad round (though he is still grumbling now) and she gave the green light to bring her home!

I was still thinking through whether this decision would benefit the kitty - no more great outdoors to have unrestrained fun in. I also had to do research on which vet was good and what shots to give her considering what stuff I need to get her comfy at my place. It was a great big fat headache.... but I am glad I did cos she’s adjusted so very well... no fuss, no mess, nothing; just lots of affection and love!

As I am blogging, she is sleeping contentedly on my bed.
The whole catnapping went like this: I was off on Friday and the original intention was to go shopping but I thought it might be a good idea to lift her and bring her to the vet since I should strike while the iron is hot! Rahul came to pick me up and we toodled down to Chinatown for lunch and some toiletry shopping. There were a gadzillion old men there with pimps walking around as bold as brass.

I felt lost, as lost as my kitty would have felt left on her own, and I realized how we all need the support of our near-n-dear ones who'd unconditionally love us, and take the best possible decisions for our welfare even if their acts are met superficially with resistance and reluctance from us.......!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Romit - the best looking dude on telly

Romit Raaj hails from Kolkata. Born on 9th July, 1980, Romit shot to fame as Romit Prasher; as a print model in Bengali journals and tabloids. Impressed by his good looks, and cool demeanour, he was offered a small role in the Bengali soap 'Pratibimb'. That won him some fan following from the Bengali audience. But he soon shifted base to Mumbai, to make it big in the national media. He soon landed in a groovy youth-centric movie called 'Humdum', that was supposed to be his Bollywood big ticket. In spite of getting some good reviews for the fresh appeal that he brought to the big screen, the film bombed at the box-office. And his career was also about to sink without a trace, had it not been television that resurrected him as one of the promising young actors. After small stints in some serials on StarPlus and Sahara, he struck it big with 'Maayka' and 'Ghar Ki Lakshmi: Betiyaan'. He did not have to look back, as there has been no dearth of offers. He was also appreciated in a small role as Nana Patekar's son in the movie 'Yatra', which also starred Rekha and Deepti Naval. Romit was injured on the set of 'Yatra' while filming a scene in which he was expected to run across a road which was set on fire. He completed the shot, but his clothes were set on fire. When he laid down to extinguish the fire, he realized that the ground was covered in pieces of glass, although fast reflexes resulted in only minor burns and cuts from the glass.

I find Romit to be quite the best looking dudes on Indian television. Here's wishing him all the best.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller is one of the hottest dudes on television at the moment. This England-born star has shot to fame with the hit television series 'Prison Break' and has attracted attention of viewers worldwide. But the case in point is that many of the actors and actresses, who become hot property after their overnight success on television, are seen to fizzle out pretty soon, often without making a mark on thew big screen. I hope the same doesn't happen to this hot dude. I wish him, as a true admirer, all the best in his future endeavours, and I want to see him carve a niche for himself in the world of films.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Joys of Rowing

Rowing is a sport that has not only been a source of enjoyment for me but also a source of inspiration. One of the most important things I learnt from rowing is that mental strength is more significant than physical strength. Participating in regattas and practising on the ergometers, I realized that in the last few seconds of any race, when everyone is tired, only those who have the mental strength to push themselves beyond the limit can win. From the very first day I joined rowing, I saw that teamwork played a major role for success in rowing. The greater the coordination among the strokes of a team of rowers, the faster the boat moves. In fact, complete lack of co-ordination may even cause the boat to overturn. But there's something more than the educative values of rowing that drives me to the Bengal Rowing Club every morning. Whenever I go forward on my seat and paddle, I feel an aura of self-confidence. The immense power with which every stroke pushes against the water gives me the courage and hope to carry out each day's work. Thus rowing is something that has had a positive impact on my life.

So what...... if I stammer!

My stammering started as a vague repetition of few letters when I was six years old. I thought this was a temporary speech impairment; therefore, I became ignorant of my stammering. Contrary to my expectations, the initial subtle repetition became more and more intense and conspicuous with time. I underwent treatments by a string of speech therapists, but unfortunately all of them were unsuccessful.
Now I began facing a different kind of problem. Every time I was about to speak, a voice inside me said, "What if I stammer". Images of people amused or sometimes even shocked at my stammering flashed across my mind. This very rumination prevented me from speaking and I started staying quiet all the time.
Soon I realized that my quietude was harming none but me .I was in the sixth grade but except for a few greetings I was still scared to converse with my teacher. Hence, my innumerable doubts in science and math remain unanswered .Because I never shared my ideas ,views or aspirations with anybody, my friends would stop accompanying me after a short time in which there would be just a one-way flow (as not from my mind) of ideas and experiences.
This realization made me think that my line of thinking was wrong. Now there was a more difficult task in front of me – how to get rid of the "what if I stammer" question. The more I tried not to think about the adverse consequences of stammering the more I ended thinking about it. Ultimately I tried a new strategy: I would speak out as quickly as possible before that morale-degrading thought entered my mind.
This scheme put me in lots of amusing situations. In our English Literature class, we were studying an extract of Daniel Defoe's 'Robinson Crusoe'. At the end of the class, our teacher questioned us on the extract. Earlier in these circumstances, I would keep quiet and pretend not to know the answer. But now I tried out my new stratagem; I didn't think about the question the teacher asked but instead I was on the lookout for an opportunity to speak as soon as I could. No sooner had the teacher finished asking "How did Robinson Crusoe reach the island", than I spurted out "By bus". There was an incessant roar of laughter in the class, but my teacher was shocked and furious, and I ended up getting a week long detention.
In the long run, my strategy did work. I soon started interacting with everybody. Gradually I felt easier, even with my stammering, to talk to others. I realized that many of my imaginations regarding the reaction of my listeners were quite unreal. Most people encouraged me to go on speaking and not be concerned about others. I never carried hard feelings against those few who did make fun of my stammering. A couple of years back, a group of my classmates tried to mock me by stuttering on purpose as they called out my name. Stuck in this awkward situation, I myself began to laugh. Thus I managed not to lose my friends or create an ill-feeling against others.
Today, though my stammering is not fully cured, I am proud of the fact that I faced the world and did not cover up my speech impairment. Because I accepted my stammering and spoke out, the world also accepted me (with my stammering) with open arms. This has given me courage to believe in myself and has affirmed to me that I am the best judge of my views, thoughts and feelings. Even today, in the rarest of circumstances, that "What if I Stammer" question does come to my mind but I simply get rid of it with a brief recollection of the past.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Favorite Songs of 2007

Here are my favorite songs of the Year 2007:

Before He Cheats composed by Carrie Underwood
U & UR Hand composed by Pink
Look After You composed by The Fray
Put Your Records On composed by Corinne Bailey Rae
Summer Love (Set The Mood Prelude) composed by Justin Timberlake
February Song composed by Josh Groban
It's Not Over composed by Daughtry
Home composed by Daughtry
Girlfriend composed by Avril Lavigne
Because Of You composed by Ne-Yo
Beautiful Liar composed by Beyonce & Shakira
Everything composed by Michael Buble
Makes Me Wonder composed by Maroon 5
Never Again composed by Kelly Clarkson
Umbrella composed by Rihanna
Rehab composed by Amy Winehouse
Big Girls Don't Cry composed by Fergie
The Sweet Escape composed by Gwen Stefani featuring Akon
Change composed by Kimberly Locke