Friday, June 13, 2008

Romit - the best looking dude on telly

Romit Raaj hails from Kolkata. Born on 9th July, 1980, Romit shot to fame as Romit Prasher; as a print model in Bengali journals and tabloids. Impressed by his good looks, and cool demeanour, he was offered a small role in the Bengali soap 'Pratibimb'. That won him some fan following from the Bengali audience. But he soon shifted base to Mumbai, to make it big in the national media. He soon landed in a groovy youth-centric movie called 'Humdum', that was supposed to be his Bollywood big ticket. In spite of getting some good reviews for the fresh appeal that he brought to the big screen, the film bombed at the box-office. And his career was also about to sink without a trace, had it not been television that resurrected him as one of the promising young actors. After small stints in some serials on StarPlus and Sahara, he struck it big with 'Maayka' and 'Ghar Ki Lakshmi: Betiyaan'. He did not have to look back, as there has been no dearth of offers. He was also appreciated in a small role as Nana Patekar's son in the movie 'Yatra', which also starred Rekha and Deepti Naval. Romit was injured on the set of 'Yatra' while filming a scene in which he was expected to run across a road which was set on fire. He completed the shot, but his clothes were set on fire. When he laid down to extinguish the fire, he realized that the ground was covered in pieces of glass, although fast reflexes resulted in only minor burns and cuts from the glass.

I find Romit to be quite the best looking dudes on Indian television. Here's wishing him all the best.

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jaison said...

Romit Raaj unfortunately failed to make a mark on the big screen in spite of showing his acting competence on the small screen. After all, every one cannot make it big from the small screen - unlike SRK!