Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blogging hues

Wow! It’s been such an eventful week!
I can’t remember what happened mostly
and my camera was out of battery
so photos are few....
On Monday, I told my Mom I wanted to bring home one of my stray cats...
my cute emerald-eyed Blackie...
it makes my heart ache when see her caught in a downpour, running away from naughty (read 'monstrous') children who chase her, scooting away from cars that drive over the spot. She is attuned to worrisome maneouvres. She just meows, as she knows that she is well-loved and taken care of by a lot of cat feeders who want to adopt her.
Well, my mom took my dad round (though he is still grumbling now) and she gave the green light to bring her home!

I was still thinking through whether this decision would benefit the kitty - no more great outdoors to have unrestrained fun in. I also had to do research on which vet was good and what shots to give her considering what stuff I need to get her comfy at my place. It was a great big fat headache.... but I am glad I did cos she’s adjusted so very well... no fuss, no mess, nothing; just lots of affection and love!

As I am blogging, she is sleeping contentedly on my bed.
The whole catnapping went like this: I was off on Friday and the original intention was to go shopping but I thought it might be a good idea to lift her and bring her to the vet since I should strike while the iron is hot! Rahul came to pick me up and we toodled down to Chinatown for lunch and some toiletry shopping. There were a gadzillion old men there with pimps walking around as bold as brass.

I felt lost, as lost as my kitty would have felt left on her own, and I realized how we all need the support of our near-n-dear ones who'd unconditionally love us, and take the best possible decisions for our welfare even if their acts are met superficially with resistance and reluctance from us.......!

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