Sunday, April 24, 2011

Neil's a Jolly Good Fellow

Neil Nitin Mukesh is one of the current generation of hotshot heroes whom I find quite likable.
He wasn't launched in a lavish way as many second or third generation guys or girls are known to be launched in Bollywood.
Yet, he was noticed in a big way in his debut film "Johnny Gaddar". He played the title character, but he wasn't a goody-goody hero. The film was a taut thriller, one of the best in the genre, in recent times. Yet, offers did not exactly pour in for Neil. He waited a while, and has then starred in films like "Aa Dekhen Zara", "New York", "Jail", "Lafangey Parindey", and "7 Khoon Maaf".

The films were not all good, but Neil's presence in each was worth talking about.
However, the critics have been too harsh on him, maybe because none of his films haven't been the chart-toppers till now. People with herd mentality acknowledge nothing but success, that's the harsh reality for tinsel town, and even for the world at large. Naysayers have said all kinds of ugly things like Neil is 'wooden', 'ghost-like', and 'pasty white'. I find it to be extremely unfair.
The fan following for this star somewhat multiplied after he did a dare-bare scene for Madhur Bhandarkar's "Jail", but the full frontal nude scene had to be heavily edited, and, thereafter, his following dwindled. Many were disgruntled to see him do a bit role, and that too negative, in "7 Khoon Maaf", but I found him too good in that film, and a few of my friends would happily agree.
Here's wishing Neil all the best for his films to come. May he make as much splash as his grand-dad (the legendary playback singer Mukesh) or his dad (Nitin Mukesh, another playback singer, though not as successful as his dad).
Neil comes across as a jolly good fellow, judging from his interviews or appearances on telly or at events, and I hope he is able to bag good projects to make his success complete.


shiv said...

Neil's a cool guy. I like him too.

saurabh said...

Loved it. I like Neil a lot.

Krishh said...

Neil always manages to look sexy.