Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Break Ke Baad: Say 'Yes' / Say 'No'

'Break Ke Baad' is the latest candy-floss romance.
It stars two of the hottest stars of today, and they have paired for the first time.
Hence, the excitement before the release was palpable.
Now, that the film has hit the theaters, and the response has been lukewarm,
it needs to be seen if everything is really fine with this flick.

It's difficult to say if more things work in favor of the movie, or
actually work against it. I found it in my own peer group itself
that there exists a difference in opinion, in fact, a marked difference.
Some have loved the film, largely on account of the fresh romantic pairing,
the crisp and crackling dialogues, the pacy scenario, the scenic beauty of Gold Coast, and the short length of the film (as far as Bollywood marathon-lengths of rom-coms are considered).
But those who did not exactly love the movie, and look at it as a lost opportunity
to cash in on the pairing of Imran Khan & Deepika Padukone, found the film to be
too full of cliches, unrealistic flip-flops in the narrative, undesirable passivity of the male protagonist, too predictable conflicts, insipid secondary characters, a stagnant middle portion in the screenplay, and a done-to-death climax.

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diya said...

I loved the movie. I think girls have loved the movie more than the guys. I know, that's just a stupid generalisation, but there's some truth in it. Many would agree, I am sure. Girls love to dream about a guy like Abhay (Imran Khan) in the film, who's that understanding, and that truly in love, stupidly so, but lovely!;-)