Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney is one of the most promising young singers.
He also is an actor and is currently a great favorite amongst American teenagers,
and young adults worldwide.
The critics initially were dismissive of Jesse saying that he was just another cutie-pie singer, but they have woken up to his new song 'Leavin' whose rocking video has captured the imagination of millions.
The hit single is from Jesse's album titled "Departure".
Jesse can no longer be termed a poor man's version of Aaron Carter.
Listening to the songs, I must admit that I felt that Jesse is likely to be the next big thing among young & inspiring singers. He still has a long way to go though.
I found the songs 'How do you sleep', 'It's over', 'Bleeding love', 'Told you so', and 'Not your enemy' rather interesting as far as teen-pop is concerned.
They might not exactly be soulful ballads, yet they charm.... kind of.
Here's wishing him all the luck.

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