Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Imagining

is the process
of forming
mental images
or concepts
of what is not
actually present
to the senses.
We spend more time
in our imagination
than most people ever realize.
Within our imagination,
we create our ideals,
role models,
perceptions on love,
how to live & survive in life,
plans, goals,
ideas of pleasure, fun,
pain, insult, offence etc.
In other words,
we form our personalities
around our imagination.
On one hand,
we escape from
the harsh realities;
as in an imaginary world,
life is exactly as we want.
On the other hand,
imagination, as an escape from reality,
can become addictive and debilitating.
In dwelling too long,
we run the risk of
losing touch with
the real world.


mehul said...

Imagination is fun.
Imagination is cohesive.
Imagination may run riot.
And then it becomes unwieldy!

Anindo Sen said...

When I am sad, I feel like crying.
When I am proud, I feel like trying.
When I feel curious, I want to know.
When I'm impatient, I want to go!
When I feel angry, I look this way.
When I feel happy, I smile all day.
When I am puzzled, I make a shrug.
When I feel loving, I want to hug.
I have ventured
through childhood with all the wonders and dangers in it.
I have come down from the land of make-believe,
and I have found the strength to believe in me.