Monday, March 30, 2009

The HeebieJeebies

Am I having the heebie-jeebies - a nervous depression - or am I past it?
If it is the latter, then I would like to heave a sigh of relief and in a bout of celebratory madness would very much like to yell my lungs out and scare the birds away!
And, if it is the former, then would like to look at the illusory pics below (assembled from the Net) that would make me question the apparent sanity and normalcy that hides under the surface of a disturbing reality and turns the tables on the questionable parameters guiding our vision & our perspectives!

1 comment:

Satyaki said...

Can't blame u for having the heebie jeebies.... after all it is natural for one to feel the heat and chill at the same time.... as has been the case with U!
We all feel at times that the almost the entire world against us, but it is nothing but yet another skewed perception of ours.... buck up, man!